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11:32 AM

sleeping to much on weekends!
I need a project, I need to build something... i'm bored on the weekends.
I've even felt more like staying home instead of going to a show lately.

It seems such a bother to drive 45 minutes to see a gig anymore. yeah, maybe the heat is getting to me. I don't know.
This past weekend I saw Jon Brion. That's the extent of my going out.
My friend and I had a table up front. Rikki Lee Jones opened the set. It's always nice to see her, there is something about her....... she's just been around for a long-ass time. Her and Jon did a few songs together and they did a procal harum song called a salty dog which was really cool.
Jon's set started after Rikki left the stage. He did a what seemed like a short set but I think it was because some of the songs lasted such a song time. He started out in a complete "ROCK" mode, with ; whitelines which turned into a medley of other songs all in one, roll with you, Under the radar (my favorite), explaining to do, cheese and onions (the rutles song), strings that tie to you, happy with you/pop life, oh susanna/knock yourself out, walking through walls, lock up my heart - end of first set 10 min after midnight. 2nd set 12:45 guinness is tasting good, i only had one.

forgot the first song he started out with, here we go, someone elses problem, same mistake, girl i knew (wow!), further along, trouble. enter chris thile of nickle creek they do a jam session that was incredible, as fast as you can (fiona apple song), Then for the surprise of the night..... Ms. Fiona Apple walks thru the door!! She did River at my door, as she has done with Jon in the past. That was it, she was outta there. I was feeling like there should have been some sorta standing ovation or something. Jon and Chirs finished the show with "if i only had a brain" then "foolin myself"....... The End
I think this is what my life has come down to again....... seeing Jon Brion on Friday nights and thats all. I always find myself back at the largo...........

I do however keep up a rock schedule even though i don't go to everything I list.
maybe more later..........

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