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11:25 AM

I saw Brendan Benson at the Troubadour last Wednesday. It was just ok.
Not amazing or anything.
I was happy that I went after seeing Jack White get up on stage and sing with Mr. Benson.
Jack and Meg were just walking around the Troubadour. Jack looked ultra cool in his pinstriped suit and Bob Dylan hat, which he put on Brendan right before he left the stage. "
Brendan was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to do after that.

I know what I wanted but this was a Brendan Benson show not a White Stripes show. (heavy sigh)

Saturday I met some friends at the Cat & the fiddle before heading to the Derby to catch Sons and Lovers. I have to say I was pretty surprised to see Morrissey sitting at the table next to us. No one else noticed and I knew Roger was a huge fan of his so I leaned in to tell him and he seemed less then enthusiastic about the news. Strange. I told Sarah and Dat and they seemed excited but couldn’t turn around because that would be too obvious.
Later Morrissey and his lady friend moved to a bigger table away from the open where another guy joined them. I thought it was because we were being loud.

We went to Sarah and Dat’s place for awhile before heading to the gig. Dat played me some CD’s of his new and old bands. He is the bass player in a band with Donita Sparks -ex – L7 singer. Sounds pretty rockin’! They will play at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach soon.

Dat was in The Superbees, they were pretty big in LA before they broke up.

We all headed to The Derby to see (Jordan) Sarah’s brothers band called Sons and Lovers. Jordon is the bass player and his new vintage bass looks amazing!
I was surprised at how great they are live. I didn’t know what to expect…. You know….. going to see a friend's brother play in his new band and all. But wow! These guys have talent! The singer is all over the place and reminds me a little of Iggy Pop meets AC DC. Great tunes and fun to watch. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. I think that in no time they will be the talk of the LA underground scene.

Sunday I took my mom to the fish company for lunch then to a movie, we saw Crash. I really dug it. It was somewhat slow but very intense and informative.

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Fri Icarus Line at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach

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