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1) Dead Meadow

2) Jon Brion

3) Them

4) The Cars

5) The Vacation

April 19 thu April 26

19- Tuesday / the color turning at the troub or allegro geller at king king

20- Wednesday / goldenboy at silverlake lounge

21- Thursday / david garza at largo or evil beaver at spaceland
22- Friday / jon brion at largo or ryan adams at henry fonda

23- Saturday / the undertones at the galaxy or colin hay at largo

24- Sunday / I don’t know…. Rest maybe?

25- Monday / paul f. tompkins comedy show at largo or telecast at silverlake lounge

26- Tuesday / the vacation at the silverlake lounge for their record release party with friends…. the high speed scene and the drugstore cowgirls

I’ve recently seen …

1- Robots – I have a bootleg copy and watched it at home. It was cute and it had a good story to it with a “feel good – good guy bad guy complex” feel to it. Still not as good as Toy Story number one.

2- Fever Pitch – I love Nick Hornby’s books! Hi Fidelity is by far my favorite book by Nick. I’ve read About a Boy and some of 31 songs, I’m in the middle of reading How to be Good. I haven’t read fever pitch before seeing the movie though. The movie was good, I wouldn’t really call it a “chick flick” but it is a romantic comedy. I thought both characters were believable and funny at the same time. I love Jimmy Fallon and he really surprised me at how great he did in this movie. I’m not a baseball fan at all but I loved the movie.

3- Walk on Water – This movie was great! Very intense and entertaining – it was set in Berlin. the movie had a journey set around one Holocaust survivor. Very Very exciting.

4- Sin City - wow! excellent.... i think i already wrote about this one though...

I’d really like to go see
1- Dot the I

2- The Korean movie called Oldboy

3- A lot like love
4- Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
5- Charlie and the chocolate factory
6- The sisterhood of the traveling pants
7- Sahara
8- Mr and Mrs. Smith (yep.)

9- Voices in Wartime

10- Palindromes

Friday I went to see Dead Meadow at Spaceland and they had a bunch of openers. The first one surprised me with the whole 20 minute mandolin solo, which I would enjoy as much as the next guy but just wasn’t in the kind of mood that night. What made it worse is when his friends joined him and it was like a deadhead fest up there…. Oh the agony of it all. next up was 2 more bands then Dead Meadow. The band right before Dead Meadow were from Italy and boy did they stink and I mean that in a “dude, have you ever heard of this thing we have here in the US called SOAP and water!” gheez.. they sounded like someone else from Britain, as do many of the bands nowadays. Perhaps a little Oasis-ish…. They rocked a little. Dead Meadow were loud! I even had ear-plugs and it still fucked up my ears for days after. They are such great musicians. I kept watching the bass player because I found it amazing how hard he played and for a long period of time. The riffs that they all come up with are mezmorising. Just an incredible band to lose yourself in. The only problem that I had was when the guy who works at fingerprints came and stood next to me while taking photos in my space and my friend roger said he kept staring at me… I felt it but didn’t want to look. It was annoying, needless to say. Then some headbanger who didn’t have any rhythm what-so-ever, kept banging his head into my space. I did meet a really nice girl from KUCI (was it?) that wanted to do an interview with the Italian band, I told her that she better go catch up with them before dead meadow goes on, just in case they leave. There was this one other idiot near us while the Italian band was on who kept yelling out stupid stuff. I really wanted to punch him but he was drunk and might have kicked my ass. During the whole show, I kept envisioning, just kicking the crap out of him. Is that so wrong?

Saturday night my friend Rick invited me to a play in Burbank. I think I’ve only been to one play in my life….I was a teenager and I think it was in Cerritos and it was called Grease. I’d like to go to plays more often, especially the small ones held in tiny places.
To my surprise the lead character in this play called “Wife Swappers” by Justin Tanner was none other then Todd Lowe who is in The Gilmore Girls playing the guitar player in Lane’s band. The play was great and really funny. A little.. ok…” a lot” on the raunchy side.
After the play we decided to go see Rhett Miller at the Largo. It was sold out but we got in and found a good place to stand by the kitchen. I was really happy to find out that my favorite comedian Greg Behrendt was the opener, this guy cracks me up. He is all about the Rock ‘n Roll mixed in with comedy. If you have never experienced Greg Behrendt before, then I suggest you check the Largo website and check him out at least once.
I was standing by Jon Brion for most of the set so that was exciting to know that he may very well get on stage with Mr. Rhett Miller later on in the night.
Rhett hit the stage and did a lot of the Old 97’s tunes mixed in with his 'best of' solo stuff. It was all excellent. It started getting a little mellow and I was feeling very tired then Jon came up and they did some Bowie tunes and some other songs that I can’t remember right now. I’m glad we ended up going to see Rhett, it was a great Saturday night.

One of my “largo regular” friends is probably on a plane right now heading back home to Boston. “Hi Mark! Good luck to you” maybe you can catch Jon Brion when he plays in NY on the 27th.

more to come.....

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