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Music: The Old 97’s

(earlier this week)....I can’t help it ….. I’m not able to concentrate today. I’m very tired this morning. I had a dream about Keith Richards last night….. very strange indeed! He was working at Hoffs Hut behind a desk, it was a “greeter” type position and he was very happy doing it. Mick was somewhere in the dream as well but I can’t remember everything.

No more sunflower seeds for dinner!!

I’ve been listening to music on my ipod all morning and for some odd reason, I’m not able to concentrate on all the e-mails that I get here at work. I have to be at work at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning to take notes in a meeting. I’m so not looking forward to that. I mean, what do they think I am?…. a secretary or something. I’ve never taken notes before in my life! I can’t even read my own writing. I guess this is where a little recorder comes in handy. I’ve talked my boss into using one as a back up. Actually I’ll be the back up because I’m not one to follow directions very well or listen to others while following along. My thoughts usually travel off into a guitar riff or song.

I had a great weekend. First I stayed home on Friday night working on my ipod/computer because I deleted my entire library of music on my computer somehow. You can imagine the look on my face when I realized what I did. I got most of it back from the trashcan but lost some. It’s all so frustrating, having a few different programs i.e. Music Match, itunes, limewire, and my ipod full of songs that are different from what is in my folder. Ok yeah, whatever… after I stare at my computer for a few hours first, I usually can figure everything out.

Saturday - I hung out with a co-worker/ ex-neighbor. We had a drink and chicken tacos at BBC in Long Beach then went shopping. It’s more fun to shop when you’ve had a drink first. I was going to see The Undertones at the Galaxy until I got an e-mail from a friend regarding a record release party in LA for this record label called “dangerbird records”. I finally got to see Joy Zipper and also got turned onto a new great band called Sabrosa Purr. Wow! 2 great bands in one night! and for FREE!! The party was held in the backyard at this gallery in Silverlake near the silverlake lounge. It was an open bar but I only had one small plastic cup of wine.

I met a few of my friends up there, it was a fun/cool spur of the moment thing to do on an otherwise boring Saturday night.

The bands were very loud and I was expecting at any minute that the cops would come and pull the plug on it. It also started to rain but luckily they had a tent over the stage and most of the party.
Joy Zipper are kinda like The Velvet Underground sound wise. The other band “Sabrosa Purr” was a little more like my bloody valentine with more pop in a Nirvana type sound. You get the idea anyway.
Both bands are worth seeing again.
I was starving after the show so I talked my friends into going to the 101 café. and for a Saturday night, it was pretty dead in there.

……. Sunday, I went to lunch with my friend from high school. She is having another kid. We are the same age and she already has two kids; one girl who is 14 and a boy who just turned 1. It was great hanging out with her. She's is a realtor and is going to help me find a place to buy, I hope. well.... Eventually, anyway...

During lunch my "Supermex" friend told me that I am going to have a baby and it will be a girl.. no… not now! My friend who works at Supermex knows of this game or whatever you want to call it and it’s done with a necklace and your right hand. He did this with my friend Lilah and it was right…. The necklace said she has one girl, one boy and her last child will be a girl. He did it to me and it said I will have one baby and it will be a girl. We did it to him and it said he has 2 girls and will have one more girl. Hmmmmm.
it was an interesting lunch. If I see you and there is a necklace with a charm on it around, remind me and I’ll show you how it works.

This week is the week to go to Silverlake Lounge. So many good bands will be playing together, It will be rockin’.

Here is the list of rock for the week:

April 27th thru May 4th

Wed – The Vacation , The Thieves,The Chelsea Smiles and Sabrosa Purr at Silverlake Lounge.

Thur – The Vacation, The Gunshys, Frisky Jones and All hours at Silverlake Lounge.

Fri – Jon Brion at Largo

Sat - Grant Lee at Largo

Sun – Mark Lane at Tangier

Mon - I don’t know rest maybe?

Tues – The Brokedown at Spaceland (excellent new band - reminds me of wilco)

Wed – Brendan Benson at Troubadour

Top 10

1. The Rolling Stones (sister morphine / dead flowers)

2. The Cars ( just what i needed)

3. Jon Brion (under the radar)

4. Big Star (feel)

5. Epic Soundtracks (everybody else is wrong)

6. The Vacation (marshmellow girl)
7. Sabrosa Purr (god damn you!) -this is my new favorite band

8. Rhett Miller (our love)
9. The Willowz (i wonder)

10.The Waterboys (don't bang the drum)

11. Stereophonics (dakota)

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