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12:51 PM

music: the jesus & mary chain (i hate rock ‘n roll)

thanks to my friend roger who makes me the best compilation cd’s ever! i’ve kept them all from over the years and they still hold up. one in particular that i’ve been listening to lately that he named it so appropriately, “agitated”. it includes many great bands:
the dirtbombs, lord high fixers, the saints, cabaret voltaire, broadcast, joy division, wire, ESG, suicide, stereolab, my bloody valentine, magazine, gang of four, blacktop, the hunches, the warlocks, the jesus & mary chain.
it’s “shake your ass” type music.

roger should be a dj, - hey! maybe tita will let you spin some songs with her sometime at ‘vida’. i wouldn’t dance but i could have a drink and talk to all the cute rocker boys!

i haven’t been doing much since last wednesday when i got strep throat and a sinus infection, because i’m still sick. i’m feeling better but it still lingers. i missed the vacation last night (sad face).
i’m going to see dead meadow no matter what on friday tho’!! this band brings a smile to my face just thinking about them live, on stage. the drone of the guitars….. the loud buzz, just everything about them.

i’m listening to ‘joy division’ now… just reminds me of 7th grade dances… you know, when we danced like the go-go’s… ha ha. Imagine kicking your leg one at a time in front of you off to each side as your arms do the opposite towards your head. (oh fuck it, just go watch “valley girl” they do the dance) and of course the iggy pop - pogo dance, that was always fun to.

i’ve been trying to organize and add songs to my ipod for the last couple of nights. it’s a task, let me tell ya! i’ve got a 20 gig and now i’m wishing i had bought a 40 gig instead. but i don’t know if the special U2 ipod came in 40 gig. i only got it because of the color. it didn’t even come with free U2 songs at all, they only offered $50 bucks off of their entire catalogue. what shit! the full catalogue would cost about $400 bucks or more and they only give you $50 bucks off?? i’m not a huge U2 fan, in fact i’m kind of over their shtick. the color is cool and it’s a collectors item, or it will be. anyway…..i have 5,100 songs on it now and i have about 20 more cd’s to go. i’ve been obsessed with this for the last week or so, for hours and hours from the moment i get home from work until i go to sleep at night. the ipod is a great conversation starter piece also, i’m at starbucks today for my morning ritual of a chai latte and a blueberry scone, when some of the service guys from my work walk in and start talking to me about music…. i love that! now that they know i like music – we can talk some more and i can get a date! ha ha. and we are talking… cute service guys, the ones that work on the motorcycles.

i’ve also been watching a lot of tv shows lately. i know it’s a brainless thing to do but sometimes that’s what i want to do. some of the shows i’ve been watching are either on tv now or a series of old shows from cable that i’ve rented from netflix : dead like me (so good), summerland (reminds me of my surfer boyfriend days in high school), the gilmore girls (this show can be annoying at times but for the most part it goes by fast and is pretty funny. although they got rid of rory’s old boyfriend for good “
Jess - Milo Ventimiglia” ) he is now on my other favorite tv show about the 60’s and american bandstand – american dreams (I love this show! it has it all; music, drama about the 60’s almost 70’s, cool cast) , last but not least – lost (this show is interesting. it has drama and it’s a mystery. they just killed off one of the main characters – i hope he is going to start doing movies or something now, for his sake.
his name is
ian somerhalder
and my friend cari and i were behind him in line at henry fonda theatre for the interpol gig a few years ago. grrrrrr! another show that i just received via netflix is called dead wood. i’ve heard so many good things about this and i can’t wait to start watching it. i don’t have cable so i’ve been deprived all these years. i kind of like that new show that is based off the original bbc “the office”, tho’ nothing will ever compare to the original….. that show rocked!

….in other news:
britney is pregnant, joaquin phoenix is in rehab, angelina and brad are indeed a couple,
An influenza virus estimated to have caused the deaths of more than 1 million people in 1957 was mistakenly sent to thousands of laboratories around the world during the past six months, an al Qaeda-trained Algerian man was convicted in britain terror strike plot, jackson accuser's mother pleads the fifth - i’m so sick of hearing about m. jackson – put the fucker in jail already and throw away the key! c’mon! we all know he’s guilty. plus he bought all the rights to the beatles songs and named his first born “prince” at the same time the actual artist formerly known as price had lost his newborn baby!, and gross….. a german cannibal “
armin meiwes
and prosecutors launched rival appeals at germany's top criminal court wednesday against his manslaughter conviction for killing and eating a willing victim, violence flares in iraq -a U.S. contract worker taken hostage in iraq this week appealed for his life in a video released on wednesday and asked the U.S. administration to negotiate with the insurgents on his behalf, Now, and last but not least…set your tivo’s because starting may 1st "Family Guy" is officially "uncanceled," YAY!!

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