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Music: Soundgarden "badmotorfinger"

I went to see Ash on Easter. They were really good - totally rockin' , guitar driven sound and the singer is not such an eye sore at all. The thing is... It's the type of music that is forgetful. I was enjoying it while it was going on but couldn't actually tell you about it in full detail after it was over. Some of their songs reminded me of Helmet (yep, that heavy).

I think I do this with most bands anyway....... man, I wish I smoked pot because then at least I would have an excuse.

The Bravery sucked. 'nuff said. ok, i'll say more..... ah.. no I won't cuz that would be mean.
alright, well - one song sounded like that song "you spin me right round baby right round" and I told Monica that as she was standing next to me also rolling her eyes at the band, and we both started laughing. It was just ridiculous to see all these 16 year old girls screaming as if Justin Timberlake was on stage or for us older folks THE BEATLES!! It was sad. I felt like taking all the kids to "rock school" or something.

This week I've been staying home and watching DVD's and I saw this really interesting yet very sad DVD called Christiane F. It's a true story about a kid turning into a junky at age 12 in Berlin back in the 70's. Real life stories always seem to interest me more so then made up ones. I was curious so I looked her up on the net and found a few links about her life now. She is about 40 now and has a 9 year old son and she is clean. It's a good movie but yet pretty disturbing.

Tonight at the Silverlake Lounge; there is going ot be a good show going on with The High Speed Scene - for their record release party and The Vacation are opening for them at about 9:30pm.
Friday and Saturday Motorhead is playing! (f)The Witern then (s)Anaheim HOB.

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