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Music: Jason Falkner "the 4-track years"

Last night I went to see The Brian Jonestown Massacre and to my surprise Johnny's new band called The Clean Profits were playing (drummer - Johnny from The Superbees). They were good and all.... sometimes sounding like Blondie other times sounding like Franz Ferdinand. I don't even remember the second band, I must have dosed off.

It was getting late and I was super tired and finally BJM came on. I was pretty much over it before the started; I fell out of the mood. They were pretty boring live, I've got to say. I have a lot of their CD's and I really DIG them but live..... Just doesn't do it for me. I'd much rather see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Dead Meadow for that matter. I will admit that Anton is an amazing DJ though; he was spinning before the show.
During the downtime - waiting for bands to come on, this guy kept running into me - Literally! The first two times were funny and didn't hurt but the 3rd time was like "DUDE! It's not even 11pm and you are so wasted, what is your problem!!" I was sitting where I usually sit in the back leaning against the soundboard.

People kept tripping over the step (duh!) I was back far enough to where they didn't run into me they just stumbled around me.

It was funny to watch people as they are just coming out of the bathroom with there fresh "I’ve just looked in the mirror and I look hot" attitude then to see them stumble over the step as they are looking up instead of down.
After the one guy stumbled into me for the third time and hurting my leg pretty bad, I stood up. Then this girl stumbled over the step and her hand just reached out and grabbed onto whatever was there - which happened to be the front of my shirt! I grabbed her arm and so did the guy and we held her up and she let go of me. Then someone started smoking near me and I was gasping for air, it sucked.
Kids now days don't respect anyone around them, what is up with that? Little fuckers!

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