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6:05 PM

Music - Dylan

I'm getting really excited about seeing Dylan on Friday night! It's like the only thing I'm looking forward to on this weekend!
I've been really busy at work lately so I haven't had time to write all the time as before. I'm becoming 'one of them'; dressing all corporate, staying late at work, not taking brakes and not playing on the computer. I ...... must..... resist!!!

The last gig I went to was Graham Coxon and The Vacation (oh and the 22-20's) at The Troubadour on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun! The Vacation put on a great show as per usual. I don't really know what else I can say about my favorite local band that I haven't already said before.
They had some sound problems at the start of their set but got it straightened out right away... I guess the sound guy was being a dick to them at first. Not a whole lot of people showed up that early to the Troubadour - they missed out is all I can say!
I'm thinking that it would have been better to have put the 22-20's on first then I could have showed up LATER, because they were so boring. At least The Vacation had some energy and showed us a good time! Those Vacation guys are so nice to. Steve even let me have his last beer and some M & M's mmmmm... though I gave the rest of it to Dutch (bass player) when he came by and noticed that all the beer was gone. (nice huh?)
Graham Coxon came on and completely rocked! It was even better then the record or what I expected! A little alcohol in me helped a bit to =) He played most, if not all the the new record and a few from his older solo records, which I don't have.

Look's like I need to do an Amoeba run soon. hey, I wonder if 'amoeba boy' still works there? man, I haven't thought about him in a long time. So after such a wonderful Saturday night with a couple of amazing bands, my friends and I headed to Swingers for some food. It was very packed for and after midnight food run on a Saturday night. A very good place to people watch. such an awesome jukebox to!

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