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Music: Big Star

I get to LA at 5pm to meet my friend for some dinner at mexico city before the Dylan gig. he went to see Jon Brion. I was early enough to see the opener amos lee, he had a full band. i liked him mainly because i was in the mood to listen to mellow singer songwriter music. Merle Haggard was up next. to tell you the truth, i don't have any of his music but i'm a little familiar with a few of them. i was really impressed with him live. he is so personable and having fun with the audience. i think if it wasn't for Merle then i would have wished i'd never gone in the first place. i was sitting alone, no one was sitting on the other side of me up until this jackass comes over and asks if i'm alone and just sits down and starts talking to me about his airconditioning at his current job and how he is so sick right now (ok, thanks - go away now) and how he is going to start a million dollar company on his own... blah blah blah. Why do guys think that they can do this? I mean it's ok if you make eye contact and there is a smile first but i was looking around and didn't give him any inclination that i was interested in anything he was saying what so ever! I need to learn to just say "please go away, i'm not interested in talking to you at all" but since i was alone, i was afraid he might follow me out of the concert and kill me or something. you never know. oh and get this..... another guy comes up and says that is his seat and this guy says that we are having a nice conversation and can he sit it the one next to him. the guy sat down on the other side of him. damn!

Then Dylan comes on...... the guy gets a bong or whatever out from his jacket and he coughed it all over me! it's like what the fuck buddy! i'm nice enough (i know too nice) to sit and listen to this guy and he repays me with this! oh wait there is more... he leans into me during the concert (no one bothers me when i'm watching a band, right!!!) so at this point i was super pissed,

He asks: "Do you smoke out"
Me: "NO!!"
He says: "I had a feeling"

what the fuck? i really should take that as a compliment, because this guy was a complete idiot loser-jock -baseball cap wearing fat motherfucker!
He says: "Do you have kids"
I just shot him this look of disgust. remember.... Dylan is still on stage .....

Me: "no!, what the fuck!"
He then stops bothering me but still stays in the seat.
It's like what does having kids or not having kids have to do with smoking pot? or talking to a loser for that matter?
The guy finally leaves for a long while but later comes back during the encore to get his jacket.
I'm sure his story would be different if you ask him how the Dylan concert was!!
"oh this chick wouldn't even talk to me, she was a bitch and probably a lesbian"

Dylan was just alright. I couldn't understand him most of the time. I think everyone was feeling this way because no one really knew what the song was until you heard the name of the song sung and thats when they clapped. you couldn't make out the song with just the meoldy even. it was that bad!
I thought he sounded like scooby doo for the most part. I really wanted to hear him do "it's all over now baby blue" but nope! he never sings that live.

Here is the set list.

Cat's In The Well
SeƱor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Shooting Star
Things Have Changed
Down Along The Cove
Make You Feel My Love (loved this )
Highway 61 Revisited
Standing In The Doorway (loved this)
Honest With Me
Every Grain Of Sand
Summer Days
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (this was awful!) love the song... but....
All Along The Watchtower

After the show I saw my friend Dave and his date so I went over and we all walked out together. We saw this couple running the oposite way and the womans head was down as they were running. turns out she couldn't make it to the restroom and was ready to hurl! LOL
I turned to see where they were going and at that instant red liquid started coming out of her mouth on to the floor just a few feet away from the trach can. LOL GOOD TIMES!! INDEED!!

It wasn't midnight yet so I drove over to the largo for Jon Brion's second set. I couldn't believe my eyes. The line was down the block... still ... after midnight. I guess Jon is getting way more popular after the I heart huckabees movie/soundtrack. The sign on the door read "sold out show - 2nd set at midnight" I walk right in. He was still on stage and it was way crowded.
I find my friends after the first set was over. I see Grant lee walking around. (yay!) and the cute guy from Nickle Creek, chris. Grant got up with Jon and they did a few Dylan songs and bowie. It's always a good time when they get on stage together. Jon also did my favorite song ever called "under the radar". I guess that's what it's called. It just rocks. anyway.... I had a better time seeing Jon Brion then I did seeing Dylan.
Did i mention that Merle still rocks though?!

Outside of the largo there is this bar called The Dime, I run into this guy I used to work with about 8 years ago at Interscope/Geffen Records. Small World.

happy easter and all that. have a nice weekend. ~S~

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