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9:43 PM

I've had this song in my head ever since Saturday night.
While I was at the largo, Flanny played part of The Office soundtrack.
You just can't go wrong starting off a tv show with the song Handbags & Gladrags, written in the 1960s by Mike D’Abo.
Here is a little bit of history to that song.

THE OFFICE -'Blind Date'

THE OFFICE - 'Insults

THE OFFICE -'Keith's Guarantee

THE OFFICE - 'Dating Service


Pretty girl on the hood of a Cadilac, yeah....
She’s broken down on freeway nine.
I take a look and her engine’s started,
I leave her purring and I roll on by....bye bye

Free love on the free love freeway,
The love is free and the freeway’s long...
I got some hot love on the hot-love freeway
I ain’t going home cos’ my baby’s gone

A little while later, see a senorita,
She’s caught a flat trying to make it home,
She says “Por favor, can you pump me up?”
I say “Muchos gracias, adios. Bye Bye.”
Free love on the freelove freeway,
The love is free and the freeway’s long
I got some hot love on the hotlove highway,
Ain't going home ‘cause my baby's gone.

Little while later I see a cowboy crying,
“Hey buddy, what can I do?”
He says “I lived a good life, had about a thousand women.”
I said “Why the tears?”, he says “‘cause none of them was you.”

Free love on the free love freeway,
where the love is free and the freeway is long...
I got some hot love on the hot-love freeway
I ain’t going home cos’ my baby’s gone


after seeing Jason Falkner at Spaceland, the only other gig that I went to was Jon Brion and Chris Thile (from Nickle Creek) at largo this past Saturday, one of the highlights of the evening for me was when Jon and Chris did "as fast as you can" by Fiona Apple. You can tell they had a lot of fun on stage together and Chris sang a Radiohead song while Jon was on Piano.
I even missed Slint and they never play here or anywhere anymore. I just wasn't in the mood to see that type of music live this past weekend. I guess you can say I've been laying low. Just watching movies a lot lately via Netflix because there really isn't much out that I'm interesting in spending $10 bucks to go see these days. Other then Robots, maybe.
I saw the triplets of bellville which I thought was made really well and the music was excellent, It just sorta left me with the 'it was alright' type of feeling. I was expecting too much. I also watched the second disc to Dead like me, which I am loving so far. It's such a cool series of stories about the undead still living among the living. Watching it gives me that same feeling as watching quantum leap as a kid... that show was actually exciting to me at one time. The last one I watched was The kid stays in the picture- this was excellent! I had no idea about this story before. I always thought Evan was just a clothes designer! I highly recommend it to anyone who is into a good documentary about real life people.
I also watched a few of my own dvd's recently Say Anything which is always a classic and still holds up, and The Rose - I love rock 'n roll stories and the music is great!

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