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9:50 AM

Music: Neil Young

I've been on a Neil Young kick for awhile now and it made me really happy that on Friday night at the Largo, Jon Brion did a Neil Young song.
Lately I've been listening to (besides Neil) Ash, Pete Yorn and Al Green.

The weather has been so nice lately. You can see the snow on the mountains and from certain high points in LA you can see the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.... amazing!

If the weather remains nice this weekend (saturday) i'm thinking it might be fun to go have a drink and some fries at the standard.

I didn't do anything last saturday except watch movies at home. Sunday a friend and I went to Melrose, something I haven't done in a year or so. I have been on a hunt for work shoes for awhile and can't seem to find any and of course I find some in one of my two favorite places for shoes but they didn't have my size plus they were discontinued. bummer! I enjoy wearing my high heals to work but at the same time i'd like to find some cool doc type shoes.
I was in need of another big ring because mine finally died. I mean the stone finally fell apart after numerous times of banging it againsts hard surfaces. It was my favorite black ring!
So I went to the same place on Melrose that I bought it years ago and of course they didn't have it anymore. I did find another one as it's replacement but I'm still on the hunt for the original.

I had a ticket for Kings of Leon at will call that night and another friend of mine was on the list but couldn't make it so I tried to get her ticket but they wouldn't let me without her ID. I still had plenty of time to take my friend home and come back to see the gig but wasn't up for the packed Roxy, hanging out with all the kiddies. So, I sold my ticket and we went home. I felt that was a good decision and I'm not bummed at all. As we were walking around from Book Soup to Tower Records.... I see this really nice silver BMW as I walked in front of it, I noticed it was Vin Diesel........ grrrrrr! I love bald men even if they have a lame looking movie coming out. We looked at each other. I then told Monica "hey, Vin Diesel is right there" we both looked at him. It was silly. As soon as the light changed, he sped off like he was in the fast 'n furious!!
oh... back at the roxy while we were waiting for the box office to open I was sharing some stories with Monica from when I used to hang out at the Rainbow during my "big hair" days and what do you know...... Rikki Rocket (drummer from POISON) comes walking out of the rainbow and walks right by us. It was like a time warp with all the long hair, tight leather pants wearing metal guys walking out of there. Then you have the Key Club which is right down the street, it was goth night or something because all these 'GOTH' looking people kept walking by wearing all black, shoes that were so high - they couldn't walk in them - guys included, black lipstick and crazy eyes, it was rather entertaining.

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