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I had a very nice weekend starting on Thursday night when I went out with my friend Stephanie - we went to junior high and high school together also worked at flipside magazine, and had a band together - all out of high school. she was my punk rock buddy. We went to see The Evens which is Ian MacKaye from Fugazi. It wasn't good but it was fun to catch up with Steph none the less. We drank under the stairs waiting for the awful opening band to finish. We didn't want Ian to see us drinking because he is straight edge and all...... they didn't have beer inside the gallary so we had to brown bag it from the local supermarket.
It was just Ian playing guitar / bass and singing and a girl on drums and boy was she bad... worse then me and thats fucking really bad! Ian had his good moments where he rocked out and it sorta felt fugazi-ish but not quite.
Friday was interesting....I was on my way to The Largo to see Jon Brion when I noticed that the block where The Largo was on Fairfax was pitch black. I'm like, oh no! what happened! dispite the dark street, there was a line. My friends were at the front so I hung with them getting in a worse mood due to hunger and thinking that if there is no power there will be no food served. Flanny comes out saying "susie, susie susie" and I said "get those lights back on i'm hungry!" soon after he tells us that no one can come in until the power comes on and he will wait until 9pm then call it a night. needless to say we were dismissed. I hear that Jon is going to make up for it next Tuesday the 22nd. If he plays his normal time until 2am, I'm not going to be able to make it.
Saturday I spent a lot of money on DVD's, shoes and books. why? because I was bored. at this rate I will never move back to Long Beach or LA as I planned! That night I went to see one of my favorite head banger/heavy guitar, drums, noise bands called COMETS ON FIRE. Once again I was blown away. I didn't want the night to end. They were fucking amazing as were all the opening bands who played one song each lasting 1/2 hour each. I think I'm alone when I say that I like jam bands. some of the bands were improvising which was just alright but listening to the others ... it was like I was in a zone, and they had it all planned that way. the bands that I can remember were called (improvised 2 man band) open city, (from San Francisco - a heavy psychedelic band with only bass and drums - with members of sleep) OM, and earthless.
I was hanging out with The Dirty Little Secrets (a young good band from OC) and we were all up front during Comets on Fire when these fuckheads that smelled really bad came up and pushed me and skky out of the way. I was pissed because I had my camera. I took a lot of photos already so I wasn't really that upset, it's just I hate fuckheads that don't care about whats going on around them. I stood behind them and pushed them when they bumped into me. I didn't want to move because the place was so packed, anywhere else I wouldn't have been able to see anything. It was such a rockin' show, unbelievable. a top 20 for me! It's up there with Dead Meadow, The Warlocks, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Hunches. If we are talking about the heavy stuff that leaves you hardly breathing afterwards.

Sunday I went to see Jessie Sykes at a Free In-Store at Fingerprints. What a beautiful voice she has. I got chills just watching her and noticing how much she resembles Emmylou Harris and she does have the Gram Parsons feel to her music. I don't understand the connection with her opening for Bright Eyes though... he's got that winey thing going on. I'm trying to get into Bright Eyes, but finding it hard. A friend of mine said to listen to the words. Okay, I'll give it another go. Later that night I went to see The Dirty Little Secrets at Que Sera in Long Beach. Opening for them was Voodoo, a couple who play The Cramps style music - almost white stripes looking but not quite. she only had a bass drum and snare (ala blacktops) and he sang and played guitar. I knew the guy from a long time ago and it was bugging me.... It turns out it was/is Max from the band Spiderbabies from about 15 years ago then he was in Lords of Altamont for awhile. We knew each other but couldn't place where. They were pretty cool to see. Then a band called The Last Gang played which featured Johnny from The Dirty Little Secrets on bass with his wife/girlfriend singing and playing the guitar. They were pretty good for what it was. The vocals were down way to low for the first 1/2 of their set and when they fixed it, it sounded much better. They were fast and she sorta reminded me of courtney love. She had just played earlier that night at the Knitting Factory with her all girl band called Civet.
The Dirty Little Secrets get better everytime I see them. Skky has that 80's glam voice that I used to love so much back in the day and I think thats why I like them. Johnny has a cool voice also, I just can't figure out who he reminds me of. I'll have to take a listen to the free CD that they gave to me last night. They have new songs and one includes an organ which is really really cool.

alright it's Monday and I'm going to Spaceland to catch The Willowz and American Minor for FREE tonight. Tomorrow is Electric Eel Shock, a loud guitar driven noise band (from Japan) at the Silverlake Lounge playing with The Thieves (Nina's "the drummer's" band)

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