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Movies: Riding Giants…. A surfing documentary by the same person who did Dogtown and Z boys. (so good!)

Lately I haven’t cared about anything….. I need some inspiration. I’ve been watching movies at home via netflix. It’s a good thing to do with all the rain we have been getting lately. I can’t believe all the flooding, it’s crazy.I was really impressed with Riding Giants. It made me feel more respect for the surfers. It portrayed them as more then just your typical beach bum that goes around shouting “dude” all the time.

Though it didn’t make me want to go surfing as Dogtown made me want to ride a skateboard, it was a well done documentary none the less.

I’ve been pondering “cancer” an awful lot lately. It’s all around me….in all different forms. I just found out my friend has stomach cancer, he’s only twenty-something! Also while I was hanging out alone at spaceland waiting for The Uptown Lights to hit the stage, this guy who works there came over and we got to talking and somehow he came to tell me he had testicular cancer. Don’t ask me how it came out, I guess I’m the type of person who certain types of people feel they can tell me anything. This is true regardless.
The way I found out about the one with the stomach cancer was …… My friend and I were on our way to BBC for tacos and beer and I asked how Kim was doing and then she tells me about Jeff (stomach cancer).
It’s fucking terrible! I think this is a pretty bad type of cancer to.
I really hope everyone keeps high spirits through all this and I’m here if anyone wants to hang out and talk and or listen.
speaking of cancer, did anyone see the grammys? Melissa Etheridge tore it up, blew joss stone off the stage! She is an amazing woman, just to go up there on stage without a wig and seemed to not really care what she looked like and she looked tuff! of course the camera's had to pan in on Ellen and Porche as soon as Melissa was done singing. I also got to see the infamous "heineken commercial" with The Vacation in it. It's the one where the guy drops the top part of the load during his delivery to a bar and it pans out to people doing different things all around the world and they all stop what they were doing and just stare into space .... one couple was in bed and the guy just lays there and the girl asks whats wrong and he said he felt "sad" for some reason. she tried to touch him and he said "don't" it was funny. The Vacation were in the studio and it shows ben as he stops singing and stares up at the ceiling. i love beer commercials!!
In other happenings…. The Uptown Lights were pretty good although I had a not so hot experience at spaceland that night. First I wasn’t on the list as I was told I would be, not such a big deal – luckily I had the money and It wasn’t sold out as announced on the web-site! The girl working the front hates me for some reason. Hates me!? I have done nothing. I don’t get people most of the time. The door guy is very nice and when I was a regular, he would let me in free.
I don’t ever expect anything from anyone but it’s nice when someone acknowledges that you come a lot and at least gives you a smile. Fucking Hollywood hipster fuckers. Of course I write all this with a smile on my face. I’m not really angry.
It was way to hot in there I mean what is up with the air conditioner? Though it was raining outside it was a hundred degrees inside. Plus it was packed to the rafters. It was the ugliest crowd I’d ever seen. Why am I so mean, and judgmental? I really hate that about myself but sometimes you just pick up these kinds of traits from your friends. You have to admit that It can be funny sometimes. I know I’m not perfect – way far from it. Greg Duili sang a lot of covers and it was less rockin’ then the Afghan Whigs. I love his voice anyway. The last song in my opinion was the best…. He ended with “Ohh La La” by The Faces. WOW!

It was a rainy weekend but I headed to Huntington Beach to see The Vacation anyway. HB? You say. Yeah – weird – I know. I was the only person that came to see them besides the few people they came with from LA. When I arrived they were sitting at a table full of there left over food they were served as part payment from this Irish Pub.

They looked like they didn’t belong. That’s ok, I wouldn’t want to look like I belonged at this place either. The crowd was your typical Huntington Beach “Bro” crowd complete with blonde bimbos (me excluded, of course).

It was nice to get to hang with the band and talk to all of them without the whole “Hollywood scene” going on around us though. They were supposed to play at 10:30 but they didn’t take the tiny stage until around 11:30. The people that were at the bar seemed the type that just came there for a drink and didn’t know anyone was playing or maybe they were expecting some singer/ songwriter to be playing acoustically.
As soon as they started there was this couple that was sitting closest to them having a beer, the girl had her chair turned so her back was to them, she didn’t even look at them. I think Ben (singer) scared her or something because they left before the first song was even over. It’s a good thing though because later Ben was standing on their table and pouring the wax from their candle all over his chest. He knocked over a few empty beer bottles as well.
One girl who looked as though she was going to go “girls gone wild” on them loved the attention Ben was giving to her while he was singing “destitute prostitute” in her face. That was great! Her boyfriend didn’t seem to like it though. She and her little friends wanted to take Ben home. All and all The Vacation added a few more fans to their list, as they would anywhere they play anyway. They are playing tonight with The Gun Shys and The S’chool girls at club King King in LA. I’m looking forward to it.

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