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movie: 24 hour party people

It was another long night at the largo on Friday. Jon Brion, once again proved that he is the master of his craft -a musical genius! He opened with one of my favorite songs he's ever written besides happy with you , on a roll with you... called Under the radar. It just rocks... it's bitter and exciting and he just goes off on the guitar and drums, i love it! He also did a wonderful version of "Same Mistake" then a piano bit which he usually starts out with. I guess we know how the rest of the night will be by what he opens with. in this case it was one of the most rockin' sets he's ever done. there was only 3 of us largo regulars there (new and old) to witness such an amazing gig. I sat next to a new "new" guy, new to the largo scene.... it's always fun hanging with the new people that haven't seen Jon before just to see their reaction to Jon's set.
so, yeah..... Jon Brion had E from the eels open up for him. what a strange looking man, he is. i love him though. his voice is like no other. he has a very depressed way about him and his singing. he wasn't on stage for to long then Collin Hay from men at work came up. looking at his eye just fucks me up.... it's freaky. anyway, the guy has a great voice and i enjoyed most of his songs but i really wanted to see Jon Brion.

moving on to last night - Saturday. i invited some people to meet me at the standard for some $7 dollar beers and $5 dollar fries and no wonder no one shows up! ha ha. i'm telling you these fries are so good! My friend Skky and Rick were the only ones up to hanging at the standard then seeing a $10 dollar secret Beck show on this beautiful Saturday. Skky and I headed to the standard around 3pm. it wasn't crowded yet and we were able to obtain an empty waterbed. wait! that sounded wrong...... ok, the standard has this roof with a beautiful view of LA, a pool, a bar, comfy couches, a dance floor and a fireplace - oh and some round waterbeds near the pool that you can kick back in/on. so we are hanging out on the water bed talking and finally rick shows up and it was a threesome (kidding) we had guinness and fries, the waitress brought me another guiness which i didn't order, especially on an empty stomach so she first offered to take it back which I said yes please then she said thats ok, you can have it, i won't charge you for it. i handed it to Skky.

We left around 5 so we can get our Beck ticket by 6pm at club 1650. we get there and the line was around the corner. after standing in line for about 1/2 hour we get our tickets and there were still about 100 or more people behind us and as soon as we were walking down the street heading for Mel's Diner we hear the guy yell out that it's sold out! Phew!! we were lucky and excited. I mean... Beck for $10 dollars in a small place, you can't beat that. I missed all of his other secret shows at spaceland and the echo in the past.

I've never been to Mel's diner before either, it was pretty neat. it was burgers and fries all around except for me and my veggie burger of course. i had a great time hanging out and talking about all sorts of music with skky and rick. i always find it refreshing when people know so much about music and i'm following along and know what they are talking about. not that i would ever hang out with someone with terrible taste in music anyway. i'm just saying.....

on to the show. of couse there was a huge line to get in the club. it moved pretty fast and before you knew it, we were in....... listening to this godawful DJ spinning the most horrific loud crappy thumping shit i've ever heard in my life. i felt as though i'd just walked into a Rave. it was non-stop, i couldn't breathe or talk because there was no "inbetween" songs at all. we got a great standing spot near the side of the stage with a perfect view and we stood there looking at each other and laughing because the music and crowd was just so rediculous. when the show started this guy gets on stage and i'm thinking it's just this really old, fat gross announcer guy that was going to announce BECK but nope! it was Har Mar Superstar. what the fuck! who names themselves that? This guy has less talent then Ashly Simpson lipsynching. i don't know why but the first thing i thought of is text messaging my friend to tell him how awful this guy was and i got a text back with full agreement! I don't get his shtick. I see that it may be a joke, even it's its a joke about a joke, it's totally un-funny and it sucks. the guy has man-boobs! c'mon!
the crowd was totally lame... i think they all come to that club on dance night or something. they just reminded me of the type of crowd that would go to these thumping dance clubs where you have to yell to talk to someone and they pick up on each other with cheesy lines and drink "girly" drinks. I was entertained by the napoleon dynamite dancing guy though. he had a fro' but the sides were shaved and he was white. amazing is the only word i can think of when i see him dancing.

Beck was great! I think I'm only into 1/2 of the new songs he did. I'll have to hear the record when it comes out. he did a song off of seachange "guess i'm doing fine", that was awesome, i simply love his voice! I absolutly love the new one called Guero, where he sings partially in spanish.... it's amazing and funny! a friend of mine sent it to me and i've been listening to it over and over again!

welp... that's it. It's Superbowl Sunday and I really don't care. I didn't even know who was in it until Rick told me yesterday. I'm gonna do laundry, bills and clean the house.

ps - i went to amoeba on sunday night..... one of the guys who works there announced that they were closing soon and now we can go home and watch the recap of the BASEBALL game or whatever it was that was on today.
everyone in the store was laughing.
now if they would only serve cocktails there, the place would be a mad hangout! it's like they already have great music playing and beautiful (guys and girls) working there. ya may as well have a cocktail then we can call it a party. now i have 2 crushes that work there. i went up to the trade counter and i get the cute guy to wait on me... he gave me more then i expected although it would have been better if he'd just given me his number instead.

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