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10:16 AM

Music: .... well i can tell you it's not the "new" Kings of Leon, that's for sure. man! it is awful. as i was listening to it i actually cringed on most, if not all of the vocals. none of the melodies or music is memorable, not catchy at all. well there is this one song that's catchy in a bad way. i don't think i've ever felt this strongly about a cd like this before.
i have a ticket for the concert this sunday and i was looking forward to seeing them live, that is up until listening to this. I do have to mention that the first cd is wonderful though and i can listen to that one over and over again. i will walk out if they play this one song from the second record though, i forgot the name of it but the singer just repeats "oohh or ahhh" something like that and it's annoying.
ok enough about THAT record.

i'm ditching work! this may be a lame reason but i'm going to see a taping of "that 70's show" with my friend jake. i've been to other tv show tapings and it's usually boring.... you just stand there and clap on que and you are treating like a "laugh machine". this might be better though. i like the whole cast of this show and it's actually funny. i'll probably head over to the largo tonight as well, just because i will be in the area.

Last night my i went to see The Section Quartet at The Echo. The Ditty Bops opened the show and they were great! I've always wanted to check them out and this was a good opportunity. It's two girls singing and they had a backing band.
They sounded "old timey", it was different and refreshing. The String Section had guests come up and sing their own songs; greg duili, grant lee, sam phillips.....They were all amazing. I'll have to say especially Greg Duili because I'm a huge Afghan Whigs fan and I've always admired his voice, I just melt! sure he's gained a lot of weight and his hand shook the whole time he was drinking and smoking his cigarette, which he smoked about 3 in a 5 minute time span, he will never need a fog machine that's fo' shizzle', but his voice, oh my..... he is such a great song writer! His other bands are called "The Twilight Singers" which just remind's me of the afghan whigs... and now he's got a new band called "Uptown Lights". I'm looking forward to seeing them at Spaceland. It's already sold out ..... somehow I will get in. The Section opened with a Jeff Buckly tune..... I was quite impressed and blown away. They also did some Radiohead and even a UFO tune. I'm really bummed that I missed when they did "OK Computer" in full at the Echo during one of their residency nights. I'm sure they will be back soon enough. My first introduction to them was when they opened for Jon Brion many times in the past. They pretty much can do anything from black sabbath to beck, radiohead to pink floyd.

as jake and I got to the parking structure to see "that 70's show" the guy basically laughed at us for being so early, it was 3:15 and this is the time that was posted to come! he said to come back in about an hour and a half. so we went bowling in studio city at a place called "Pinz". we walk in and it was Kid Central, i've never seen so many kids in one place before. we only bowled one game and we both sucked at it. we get back to the parking structure, go in and wait in line for 2 hours. we were number 114 and 115. we had it all planned out to go see jon brion's second set after the show because it wasn't going to start until 6:30 and wasn't to end until 10:30. ouch! i felt like an idiot waiting in line for this stupid thing, just a waste of time. i'm thinking that it will be so boring, you just clap when you are told and they do the same scene over and over again until it's not even funny anymore. so why am i here?! anyway... the line starts to move, taking 25 people at a time. they get to us and say "SORRY, NO MORE ROOM" we just looked at each other and laughed! they gave us a card to call a number and we would be guaranteed a seat for another time. the thing is... i've taken the day off work TODAY to see this fucking thing and i'm not doing that again! :) we headed over to the largo and where the first few people in yet another line! we got in and Jon Brion was amazing again.


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