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Music: Radiohead

Is it so wrong to want to stay home to do laundry and watch movies or just go to the gym and go to bed by 11pm? This is what I've been doing for the last month or so and I'm cool with it. I'm always down for grabbing drinks with my friends or hitting a movie though. I've missed a few good shows lately, I know and If I wasn't so comfortable with staying home and watching LOST on tv then I would head down to El Cid tonight and see Paul Chesne / Jonny Kaplan and the Lazy Stars.

other gigs i'm looking forward to ......
21st Friday The Gun Shys at Tempest (7323 Santa Monica Blvd)
30th Sunday Kings of Leon at Roxy

2nd Wednesday The Willowz at The Space(?)
12th Saturday Comets on Fire at The Echo!!
15th Tuesday Electric Eel Shock at Silverlake Lounge!!! ((yay!!))
17th Thursday Mike Stinson / i see hawks in LA and The Hay makers at The Blue Cafe (long beach)

19th Saturday Uptown Lights (Greg Dulli) at Spaceland or Paul Chesne at El Cid
23rd Wednesday The Gunshys at King King
24th Thursday John Doe at Largo
26th Saturday Paul Westerberg at Anaheim House of Blues
2nd Wednesday Mike Stinson and Luther Russell (ex - freewheelers) at The Mint
8th Tuesday Robyn Hitchcock at Largo
13th Sunday - SLINT at Avalon (on sale 1/8/05)
15th Tuesday Guitar Wolf at Knitting Factory

This weather has been spactacular lately! I love how the nights are still somewhat warm and the days have that slight breeze with a calm feel to them. I've been taking long breaks at lunch, wondering around outside with my ipod. I've been listening to The Kinks a lot lately along with AC DC, The Strokes, The Vacation and of course The Chamber Strings. I listen to them while at the gym as well especially AC DC and The Vacation... they both have that drive!

This past weekend I was hanging out with some friends in Long Beach, having drinks and going to the movies.

hey, did anyone happen to see BECK at spaceland last week? It was a surprise gig! also Rhett Miller showed up on Friday night to open for Jon Brion ..... I've seen him there many times but It's been awhile.

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