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Music: The Finn Brothers / Paul McCartney and Wings / George Harrison - "all things must pass"

I haven't typed anything since last week. I just haven't been going out at all. The only shows that i'm going to that are coming up are: The Gunshys, The Vacation, Kings of Leon, Electric Eel Shock, Paul Westerburg, Slint. I'm sure there will be other shows in between.

I can't get over the whole Brad and Jennifer break up! such a fairytale couple (or so you believed). 7 years is a long time to be together, come to think of it. It's amazing that anyone lasts that long anymore!!

I went to LA to meet a couple of friends at Amoeba then to see the movie called "Bad Education". The movie was a lot better then I expected. It was very interesting, moving and touching to say the least (which, I usually do...say the least). I walked into Amoeba not really thinking about "amoeba boy" and there he was looking beautiful as ever but for some reason I was just over it. Funny how I can get over things without really getting "into" them.

One highlight for me last week was watching The Office special, Oh my! This show is possibly one of the greatest shows on BBC. I got really vaclempt at the end knowing that was it, no more "The Office" ever again. I have a tear in my eye right now just thinking about it. As I was expressing to Roger how funny I thought certain parts of the show was I started to laugh so hard that I was crying. If you haven't seen this show then I highly recommend that you do. I haven't seen Arrested Development yet but that is coming soon on my Netflix list.

I have been watching a lot of movies lately rather than going out to see any bands.

Next weekend is my birthday! Last year I celebrated with my friend Sarah, who's birthday is the day before, and some friend's. We went to the standard and had a lot of fun. We took the train around LA, ate at the Cat & the Fiddle and basically got super drunk. We smoked some pot which I never do so I was extra wasted. I won't do that again. From what I can remember, it was a good time.

I don't know what we are going to do this year, if anything. I always think it would be really cool to get a bunch of people together and hang out somewhere. I think my friends from different circles would really dig each other. All my friends have a common interest.... "music" and that's alway's a good thing to start off with.

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