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4:15 PM

Friday night a friend of mine and checked out a new club (to us anyway) called “Tempest”.
It’s a pretty cool looking bar / club, very dark, small stage, good lighting for the bands and very “nice” inside, kinda artsy even. We got there early with a band flyer to avoid the cost. Free usually works for me. We had time for two beers and a chat before The Gun Shys came on.
I wasn’t sure what to expect but from after hearing some of their tunes from their myspace profile, I had a feeling that I would like them live as well. Just as soon as they started I was hooked. They have everything! Style, great sound and a good look. They are very tight live.

I could see them getting huge just as fast as bands like Jet did. Not to compare them to Jet, because they don’t really sound like them.
I didn’t know that Cliff from The Shore now plays bass for them.
I guess he wanted to “ROCK” as opposed to the acoustic sound that the shore tends to have. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again with my other favorite local band The Vacation at King King next month.

It was still somewhat early when the show was over so I figured we had time to head over to see Jon Brion’s second set.

To my surprise there was still a line outside at midnight. Just before he was to hit the stage, we got in.
Some of us in line noticed Meg Ryan walk out of the club and hop into a “geo” with her friend. That was kind of exciting for me because I've always liked Meg.
I’m not really star struck, though sometimes I’m a little rock ‘n roll star stuck. Another largo regular told me that “Paris” from the Gilmore Girls had also been in the club to see Jon Brion’s first set.

Saturday I went to an early dinner and drinks with an old co-worker then came home and ended up watching a couple of movies from my netflix list.
Sunday I hung out in Long Beach with a friend for a few drinks then came home and we watched Donnie Darko (again).

See…. This is why I hardly write anything anymore….
Next week should be better!!

Ps – Elvis Costello tickets went on sale this past weekend and I was about to get one through ticketbastards until I saw the service charge. Fuck them! I’m not paying 10.75 for who knows what plus another 4 something for another service fee that isn’t explained either.

I figure that I’ll just wait and see if I can get one at the box office next Saturday. I highly doubt it but whatever. I’ve seen him about 4 times already, I guess that’s enough.
The Wedding Present tickets go on sale this friday for the Troubadour show in March! fo' shizzle !!

A few of my friends went to see that “dead body gallery” show this past weekend and said it was really cool. The will have a sequel very soon. I forgot the name of it but you can look it up in the LA weekly.

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