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10:17 AM

yay! it's raining!! i love the rain.
time for some hot tea and popcorn and a dvd!


re: the gilmore girls AND the shins!
i don't know if tickets are still attainable but its worth it if you indeed love the gilmore girls as well as the shins, i guess. click here for all the info!! 103.1

***** i don't really know how much more i can talk about how i like the vacation so much....... i mean really, it's almost as if this website is geared towards them. they are my guilty pleasure!
what i will say......... is that monday was a FREE night for both the echo and spaceland.
i parked at spaceland where it was clearly ok to park - i read the signs and everything!! and cari came and picked me up to head over to see nina drum for the Supragettes at the echo. i was happy to see her first live show with this band. she is an adorable drummer! such amazing taste in fashion too!! her band totally reminded me of sleater kinney. the singer is heavily influenced by p.j. harvey. after the show nina changes out of her chucks into some nice snakeskin boots and we all hit the high road to spaceland. but first she had to woof down the rest of her mango-cheesecake pie. , uh yeah, it tastes as bad as it sounds to you and me but she loved it! the girl could eat anything and not gain a pound!
a long line at spaceland as usual for a monday! no sign of mario to let us in this time, well not until we get up to the front of the line and he pops out the door and says "these girls never have to wait!" and let us in. ha ha!
we missed the high speed scene who i liked when i saw them at a record store playing with the vacation before. they sounded like they were pretty much influenced by Nirvana. The Vacation were up next..... i don't know what i can say about them anymore. Ben spits and girls drool. Ben takes beer from girls and pours is all over his skinny body and the girls fall in love with him! oh and they are a dumb rock band! i mean that in the best way possible!!
The drugstore cowgirls (gotta love that name!) didn't go on until a little after midnight... we were tired and none of us could really get into them. i'm sure it wasn't their best show. we left after a couple of songs. the girls got tamales from the tamale guy at the door. what a great idea, to sell tamales at a club at this time! seriously.
The Vacation only have one more FREE show this month and thats on .... you guessed it, Monday February 23rd at Spaceland with The 88, this is gonna be another packed night!

All Night Radio is playing at The Little Temple (aka. The Garage) this Thursday at 11pm!

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