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5:11 AM

wow! i just had the most amazing night ever in my life at the largo! well......pretty damn close anyway.
more details to follow......... must sleep!
happy fucking valentines day!

alright here we's a brief summary of tonight's show as compiled by Rick, myself and Jake, at a very loud corner of the 101 coffee shop at 3:00am.
First thing Jon said was that he was battling a throat infection AND a nasal infection, so his voice was not going to be great tonight.
First song Jon did tonight was "It's all over now baby blue". ok, this was the best version i've ever heard him do, complete with fuzzy guitars, jumping around towards the end.....just fucking phenomenal. his voice was mesmerizing. i could have gone home right after this song and would have felt completely satisfied! shit, i could have smoked a whole pack of fags after that song, it was THAT amazing, but i don't smoke.
Then Jon talked about how Friday the 13th and Valentines day came together at midnight and then he played "Everything happens to me" because it was a song that best exemplified Friday the 13th and Valentines day.

He also played a VERY VERY ROCKIN' version of "I was happy with you" as well as "Love of my life so far".
someone yelled out My Bloody Valentine.... and i usually don't yell anything out but i couldn't help myself, it was quiet and i said "Yes, do THAT"! he kinda smirked and wasn't sure if he wanted to play it, it totally would be perfect due to the fact he had the sore throat and all. someone else near me yelled out "do My Funny Valentine" in the style of "My Bloody Valentine"!! he absolutely loved that idea. it was pure beautiful noise at its finest! i was in a trance! i could not believe what was going on! it was fucking incredible the way he can sing My Funny Valentine with the guitars sounding like My Bloody Valentine!! This was just one of the many highlights for Friday night.

He played "before you broke my heart" for Josh Klinghoffer as he requested before the show. simply beautiful song!
He ended the first set with the song that Jake calls "Lordy". It's the song that goes "you made the sun, you made the world, you made the girl, etc..."
I seem to remember Jon referring to that song as "conversation with the big guy."
this song makes me all teary eyed whenever i hear it, not because it's about god or anything like that at all. its his guitar playing and his voice, and the words - it just all fits together perfectly. Jon is an amazing pop song writer!

intermission, bathroom breaks, all the stupid people leave because they don't know that Jon is gonna bring some special guests up that are gonna bring the largo to new heights never thought possible. ok that was a little carried away, i'm sure people get tired of the rock after midnight.

Second set started with the Nickel Creek jam. I don't now what it was they played in the beginning, but it reminded me of something you would hear at a hootenanny.
Next thing they played was "Ms Ohio", with "the gay butcher" other wise known as Gabe Witcher on vocals and piano, and Jon on drums. Gabe has an incredible voice, you would not think that by looking at him that he could sing like that, he has punk rock hair and chin stud! he plays a damn good fiddle as well! He did Gillian Welch proud singing Ms Ohio!!

Jon switched over to piano for the next song. Josh joined them onstage at this point and took over on drums doing "Trouble", with Sarah Watkins doing the vocals.
That was also amazing! Sarah has a beautiful voice! I told her so after the show and she got all shy about it......she is so damn cute!!

Next up was "Ruin My Day" with Gabe once again on vocals and Jon on piano. I know they did "same mistake" in there somewhere and probably others that we can't think of right now. you get the point! it was one of my top 3 jon brion shows and i've been going there since the very first year he was playing at the largo back in ... i wanna say '96 or '97.
Final song of the night was "Son of Sam", i looked over at Lindsay with complete amazement only after a few chords knowing that this was going to be an Elliott Smith song and that we were in for a treat!

if you were there, consider yourself lucky to have witnessed one of the most amazing jon brion shows EVER!!

peace out!

ps - if your bored on V-Day as i usually am.... give me a shout, i'll be out and about
in L.A. today!

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