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9:29 AM

music: ........Public Enemy

ok, so i went a little crazy yesterday as i was typing my feelings about music out. sometimes i get sick of listening to music but i get over it. I actually think this is true of most people. everyone feels a little lost sometimes. it's good to talk about it!

i watched The Last Waltz about THE BAND, last night which is "........just what i needed"!
Music means everything to me!! Music can take me to places in my mind that nothing else can come close to. well, i'm assuming this beings i've never done any/much drugs.
I like the fact that I can put on a record and know that it's gonna make me feel a certain way, i can change my mood by the placing of my record needle!

Music has actually saved me somehow, i don't know from what, i just know its a good thing. Working in record stores half my life and meeting all my best friends because of that, has been a positive experience for the most part. I've met a lot of others that have the same passion for music and have been turned on to some amazing stuff!


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