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11:26 AM

music: still Radiohead (weird, last year around the same time i was on the exact same radiohead kick....hmmm)

yet another friday night at the largo! i tell ya, you should have been there and if you were there then you know why!! Jon belted out Outkast's "Hey Ya" like nobodys business. omg, it was amazing! he did some songs off of fleetwood mac's tusk album too. ricki lee jones opened up with a few songs while we were waiting for jon to even step foot into the largo (10:45!!) which is the time he usually starts singing.

saturday night was also very amazing..... i went to the derby to see neko case and kelly hogan, carolyn martin also sang with them. Those girls can SING! beautiful harmonys - beautiful girls!! I can't tell you enough how amazing these womens voices are! they all have solo albums and i highly recommend them if you are somewhat into the alt country sound. neko looks a bit on the indie side of rock but she can belt out country songs like "insert favorite OLD country singer here"!!
I've seen Kelly Hogan play at Fais Do Do and Spaceland a few years back, but this was more of Neko's show so Kelly didn't really get a chance to sing a lot of her songs. bummer! it was cool how they all sang together but i was expecting one after the other. Ian Moore opened the show, excellent singer/ songwriter. wow! I've got to get me some of that, errr... i mean I've got to check him out again. he's playing march 12th at the Alterknit Lounge at the Knitting Factory.

so is everyone ready for the oscars tonight?? I'm gonna head down to ameoba then and head over to an oscar party. a very small oscar party :)
Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ S

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