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6:40 PM

music: Replacements "Unsatisfied" and "Answering Machine"

Tuesday night I met Cari and Nina at Mexico City for some grub before the show at Silverlake Lounge. We got to the Lounge super early but went in anyway. CB Brand played first. They are a really good Country band with a back up woman singer who looked damn cool with Chad the lead singer, their harmonys sounded great! but you have to be in the mood for it. It would have been cool to sit in a bean bag chair with a glass of wine while watching them but what can ya do! next up was Northern Lights fronted by 3 women and Josh from the old band Beachwood Sparks also backing them were members from Slydell. In my opinion, just my opinion..... the backing band was good as was josh's singing but i honestly think that the girls were tone deaf or something.....i was cringing. i wasn't alone either. i looked towards my friends and they both had the same look on their faces. I was impressed when they kicked out hot burrito #2 though!! josh was singing that one of course.
last but not least......actually they weren't last but for me and my friends they were last.......The Shore. I think by the time they got on I was so bored that I could have just gone home and I wouldn't have felt that I was missing anything but I stayed because.....well, it was The Shore and they are a good band! I swear the singer has the best looking hair/look i've seen in a long time. c'mon don't be like that, you know i'm half kidding! They sounded great, very melodic with straight ahead rock 'n roll. My friends and I dig them a lot. cari leaned into me and whispered "hey, felicity is here" i've never seen the show but yep, that was indeed her.

I saw a guy that looked familiar there and asked Cari who he was, it was Rick Parker from that band Lions and Ghosts!! remember them from 1987 - 1989? I still like to listen to the 2 cd's that i have of theirs : velvet kiss, lick of the lime and wild garden. She told me that Rick is producing The Shore. cool! no wonder why i like them so much.

well, i've desided to stay in for one night this week. finish watching Donnie Darko, i'm at all the deleted scenes right now. excellent movie. i even cried at the end! what the hell is wrong with me!!

i was thinking about music and what it means to me today and I'm thinking that i'm getting really really sick of it. ya know? i mean, i go out and see bands almost every night of the week some weeks, it's exciting and all but..... i just don't know anymore. i'm thinking i need to take some more classes at school or something. something! maybe take a road trip by myself. Joshua Tree sounds like a good place to just kick it and play on the rocks, look at the stars at night. or Bernie can i come vist you in Chicago?

i'll just go listen to Nirvana or Dylan, that will make me FEEL better!

ok, i'm gonna go finish watching Donnie Darko then The Last Waltz and the last dvd for tonight will be...... Confidence, which i heard was a great movie. so thats my mid-week night.
my apologies to Ms. Jennifer Nash for once again .... not checking her show out tonight.

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