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11:23 AM

music: Grant Lee Buffalo

last night for me was like listening to two Big Star songs - "Feel and In the Street" both amazing songs. I had so much fun besides getting the $45 dollar ticket by spaceland.
i was just watching out for the green signs and didn't notice that the red sign said no parking from 10pm - 5am. aaargh! My second ticket since they put in those stupid signs. i guess it makes up for all the times i've gotten in Free, thats how i'll look at it to make myself fell better anyhow.
The line was 'down the street....' but i found cari and we walked right in! you would think that it was the 70's and the stones were about to hit the stage by the look of the crowd! Juliette Lewis...... when i told some of my friends that she was playing, they laughed but i told them that i'm only going to see THE VACATION. I think Juliette picked up where Lita Ford left off with a hot body with a 'look at me, i rock' attitude and cheesy songs. I wonder if she is from Wisconsin? I didn't really expect much anyway, though i did like her song in the Natural Born Killers movie. After she was done with her set, everyone seemed to go outside to get some fresh air and have a smoke- doesn't make sense does it?! It seemed to fill back up once The Vacation where about to start. Ben came out in a white coat and a black tie and his infamous ' married with children ' t-shirt on oh plus his red checkered vans. Dutch was sporting this fine looking Nudie type shirt. Very cool, i must say! I felt the need to comment on the outfit beings i'm up front and all..... not to be leaving any of the other guys out, they all looked great! :)
I think it's just amazing to be able to go into a club and see a band like this for fucking FREE!
They are just a straight ahead rock 'n roll band. You can not take your eyes off of them while they are playing - mainly because you don't know if Ben is going to jump on you or what! It's exciting and entertaining. They have two more FREE Monday shows this month at Spaceland, only two! The one on the 16th should be great, they play with The Drugstore Cowgirls.......and from what i can remember from seeing them a long time ago, I liked them a lot - they have that 60's garage rock sound going for 'em....from what i can remember anyway. Don't forget to look at all the signs when you are parking at spaceland and get there early!
ps- i finally got my grilled cheese sandwich at exactly 3 o'clock in the morning! - wink, wink.
there is something magical about 3 o'clock in the morning. have you ever noticed that a lot of musicians either have a song with that in it or it's part of the name of the band or song title! it's true! ---- The Three O'Clock, The Stones with " 3 o'clock in the morning i'll be signing my song for you", and Elliott Smith almost made the 3 o'clock mark with "'s 2:45 in the morning"
please feel free to comment with other 3 o'clock related songs etc...

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