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11:04 AM

music: Big Star and Grant Lee

nothing like the feeling of putting 100,000 miles on your vehicle that you've only had for about 5 years!! i've realized that i drive ALOT! It's not only from the cross country trip to Boston either.

i went to the Little Temple last night to see All Night Radio and The Like opened up for them. i didn't think that i liked them that much but i totally do!! they have gotten so much better from the last time that i saw them at the knitting factory at that elvis costello tribute gig.
The Like are: charlotte froom - tennessee thomas - z berg. they sound like old Blondie. the likes next gig will be at the troubadour on march 2nd.
All Night Radio were up next. this was their record release party. the drummer handed out used records from ameoba (he works there) between songs, i saw a miles davis, the who, the osmonds pass by me and i came out with "environments".... the sound of thunderstorms and light rain. now if i can only get my friend to come check out my record player this weekend. ..

have a wonderful weekend.
to find out some of the things going on.......

oh yeah, it feels good to know that i'm gonna be working again! its funny how just knowing that you are going to be back in the work force can change your attitude. i start on monday. not my dream job but that will come later in my life i think. i need to make some money to make my dream job happen first.
today i hung out with my friend rich, he's not working right now either but he owns a house and deli, has money saved etc...., very smart business guy who is into managing bands, and has toured with numerous bands. we were at his house this afternoon playing around on his new mac with this garage music program. it's pretty cool! you don't need a band you can just make your own music from this program and sing over it. he kicked me out some drum beats so i can start practicing again. his 19 year old protege walked in and i was like, "helloooo"! ha ha. he's from the midwest or somewhere like that. he's a very good singer/guitar player. i told them that they should come on down and check out jon brion tonight.
i don't know where i was going with that lil' story......sorry.
i think i'm going to spaceland on satuday night now, texas terri and a tribute to ac/dc band is playing......... though it cost $10 bucks!

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