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11:42 AM

music: Beatles

you won't believe this but....... i was actually bored watching jon brion at the largo last night. i never thought it was possible. i'm so glad that no one i knew that hadn't seen him before came down last night to catch him. they would have never wanted to come back.
scott, the normal sound guy and bobb, the guitar tech/helper in many ways guy was absent and it showed! jon had a lot of technical difficulty right off the bat. well, at least the amp wasn't smoking as it has happened before!
pretty much the only thing that somewhat saved the show was the fact that Neil Finn just flew in, literally and sang some of his own stuff ( driving me mad) along with a lot of covers (I'm so tired and tomorrow never knows = fucking amazing). i saw PJ Harvey sitting down at one of the tables, now if only SHE had gotten up and sang something, that would have totally made my night!
what a nice saturday huh!? i love the rain.
i went to fingerprints and picked up a few cds (candy butchers, nick drake, andrew bird and the bens - a project with ben lee, ben folds and ben kweller. )
went to supermex with rich and roger. then roger fixed my record player.....duh, i had the wrong plug hooked up from when i was burning some tapes onto cd from a long time ago. *phew*. i was starting to think that my cat pete was the culprit.
so instead of going to spaceland tonight....... many things stand in my way besides the rain and driving, i'm tired, i gotta finish my taxes, i have 2 dvds to watch - sylvia and american splendor, my record player works now- which means i can now listen to all my old 45's, and did i mention that i'm tired.

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