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music: All Night Radio

I saw The Shins last night in San Diego with All Night Radio and..... the magic magicians - if only they had disappeared!

All Night Radio reminded me of My Bloody Valentine meets The Flaming Lips with a touch of 60's guitar sounds! Pretty fucking amazing if you ask me! I couldn't take my eyes off of the drummer - i was hypnotized by the lights that were on him and watching his hair fly all over the place. He had an interesting and entertaining way he played. It was just him and the singer/guitar player. Check out their website for more info. They are playing in Santa Monica very soon as well as Spaceland!!
The Shins were really good too. The keyboard player is pretty quirky, he made everyone laugh. They rocked! I had bought the first cd when it first came out and sold it back to fingerprints.....Jimmy- the mangager seemed pretty appauled by my actions. i hate it when i buy like 10 cd's at once because only then do i trade in my least favorite ones and they just never had a chance. sometimes cd's are amazing and you don't know it until after 6 listens. this holds true for the jon brion's 'meaningless' cd as well as jeff buckley's "sketches of my sweatheart the drunk" and yet both fucking amazing musicians/ records! i hated both for the first say...5 listens. i ended up buying back jeff buckleys less than a year later.

.......oh yeah, The Shins. anyway - they were really really good but All Night Radio had something that caught my eye/ears even more.

Almost forgot to mention that on Saturday I went with a couple of friends to check out that new Bernardo Bertolucci movie called The Dreamers in Santa Monica. I, in fact loved it, maybe the ending could have been more - just more. I loved how they integrated classic scenes from the old films that inspired the charactors. There is a lot - A LOT of nudity and the anticipation of sex. The camera stays on the full frontal naked body for almost an uncomfortable amount of time....almost. I think its obvious why it got an NC-17 rating, not an X because it wasn't porn, no visible contact, if you know what i mean. It was beautifully done. the lighting, the classic b&w scene jumping, self - discovery, set in 1968 - a good year indeed!, the acting was amazing, lots of debauchery and voyeurism going on, permissive parents, and kinky mind games. What more can you ask for in a movie, i tell ya! Based on the novel by Gilbert Adair. I kind of want to go check it out again!
After the movie we walked over to Kings Head and talked about the movie.....even though i hate the smell of fish and chips....of course both of them ordered it! ha ha.
it wasn't as bad as i thought, anyway - it was still early so roger made the suggestion that we all go have a drink somewhere... a friend of mine works at the red lion inn (name?) so we ended up there, though of course she wasn't working. (hey sara!)
at one point, i thought we were going to get car jacked because roger pulled into this gas station with his 1962 silver impala and this guy in a truck pulls in after us, whips around to the side gets out and walks towards us as roger is filling up the gas tank! rick and i are like..... what the fuck is he going to go! the guy had his hands in his jacket and i was slightly scared. turns out he just wanted to talk 'cars' with roger and offered him some money to buy the car right now. it's like yeah buddy how about we just trade ya even for that toyota tundra of yours RIGHT NOW! me-thinks-not!
it was a nice Saturday. different from my normal stay at home kinda saturday night.

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