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music: the sonics
Last Thursday I saw the Pirates of the Caribbean. Hands down a great movie, Johnny Depp is witty and funny and good looking throughout the whole movie! So if you want to go see it with me so i can see it again, I'm in!!
Friday night I went to the Largo to see Mr. Jon Brion once again. He was really into it, as if he was playing to a crowd that he was trying to please! Josh Klinghoffer (now part of becks band)got up and played during the second set with him as well as this amazing violin player with a spiked mohawk. I was talking with this really nice lady for awhile and didn't know it was Lucinda Williams until after she asked me my name and told me hers. She has that cool whisky voice going on there. She was with this guy I know, Marc Ford. Too bad they didn't get on stage and sing! That would have been a treat.
Saturday I went to Spaceland to see TSAR, I was bored as soon as I walked in the place, just a mood I guess. They were good but I was somewhat over it 1/2 way though there set. The singer was has too much ego for that small stage!! I didn't even stick around for the Cars - Candy -0 tribute band!! I went to BBC, Belmont Brewing Company on Sunday with Susan, it was nice to hang out and drink a beer, eat tacos and talk. This week I'm gonna try and stick to my new schedule for working out instead of seeing so many shows......unless my buddy can get me into see the Wallflowers at the Anaheim HOB's on Wednesday. This Friday is the Soledad Brothers at Spaceland and Saturday is BMRC in Vegas.

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