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Saturday morning rolls around.... Of course with 4 girls we had a bit of a late start. On the way to Vegas we drove by - Mr. Shirtless, hairy-back man changing a tire on the side of the road, 4 girls in the car saying "eeeeeeUUUUUUUUU" then a bunch of laughter. We had to look at pictures on CD covers of hot rock boys to get rid of the picture in our head. (thanks Rooney & BRMC)

Stateline......I had to ride the coaster! I'm so glad that at least Sarah wanted to go on it as bad as I did!! Then we all rode the "lame" log ride. Still can't get over the price for that thing - c'mon $5bucks. They didn't even have the guns working to shoot at things like before. Michelle noticed the upside down cross while on the ride, it was right before the "big" drop. There was this guy sitting there and I was trying to be suave by saying "howz't going" he smiled and we dropped. It was the smallest drop ever! ... almost forgot the entertainment at this hotel at stateline...Dorks in silver spangled bolero jackets singing "bust a move" and "push it". Yet another classic moment.

Vegas..... It was about 108* frigging hot! We got our hotel room at the Tuscany after much "conversation" back and forth between me and the front desk woman....;) First she said they only had one room with a king bed available. I stared point blank at her and said "LOOK"! we have 4 girls here and we are not sharing a king bed! Anyway...she ended up giving us what we wanted.
We got ready had some dinner and drinks then headed to the club via cab, which was only about 2 miles away on the same street. But it cost 6 bucks in the cab!! Crazy ass clown of a cab driver. He's talking on the phone to his buddy the whole way about some guy falling or being pushed off the roof of a hotel that was being built. Hmmmm. This is entertainment for these people.

This club was small, we had to sit through two bands that sucked ass!! Excuse my French...though I don't really think the French would actually say those words. Anyway.... We go outside the club to talk until the band was done. We were all pretty drunk by now. This dame called Kat comes over to us and starts talking to us, very friendly! Turns out she books the bands, we had to mention that the first two bands sucked really bad. Lol she wasn't offended. We exchanged numbers and cards as she lives in Long Beach. On with BRMC....lots of fog and cool back lighting...made for good photos that I was about to take. :) They just rocked! They are so tight and made to play with each other as this amazing band. This was my second time seeing them but I paid more attention this time. Cari had made us all an advance copy of the new CD which they played a lot off of. I'm looking forward to seeing them September 6Th at the Henry Fonda Theatre.

After Show.....we started to walk outside with our drinks and the door guy said no, you gotta dump 'em or drink 'em inside. Were like, this is Vegas man, whats up with that?! So I led the girls to the back door and we walked right outside and there was the band. LOL. It was classic. I talked to Kat for a bit more while Cari, Michelle and Sarah went right for the singer. I ended up going over to them and talked to the singer about our cabby and he told me about a bad cab ride they once had.

Wait it gets better.... Kat told us about this club called the double down or was it the double door? Anyway....this is the club that all the bands want to go to when they play Vegas. So Kat drives ...I think it was 7 of us to this club, I remember sitting on Sarahs lap and leaning across the back seat. The band didn't go, I forgot all about them, didn't even say goodbye. Lol.
The club was surprisingly kinda punk rock., red walls with lots of drawings all over them and there was a bunch of bras hanging above the bartenders heads all around the bar. I don't think we even had a drink there. I did play a really quick game of Astroids though!! I think it lasted less than a minute. We spent all of ½ hour there and just walked back to our hotel room which was less than a mile (I think) 4 girls and this guy Nick, walking drunk back to the hotel, ya really don't realize how far you've walked. I don't know how we ended up with this Nick fellow... he was just there. I think Cari told him we would give him a ride back to his house (cari, such the motherly type) it was getting late or early how ever you want to look at 4:30 in the morning. We walk in the hotel and I said lets go to a Casino....Cari, Nick and Michelle were all with me on this. So we drive over to the Palms, where the band was staying??, I don't know who heard that one but I just waned to play some slots, I grabbed a beer from the fridge as we headed out to the car. This is probably what gave me the headach in the morning not the fact that I had 5 or 6 mudslides!! I won a dollar seventy five and spent about 20 minutes stumbling around to find the cash out place.... I think Cari was getting upset at me cuz she kept saying I'll give you the two bucks. Lol

Back to our hotel... it was to late to take Nick home so we let him stay in our room in a chair (his choice over the floor). We all go to breakfast in the morning on the way to drop Nick at home. Then we head to NYNY hotel to have a look around. We were over it and just drove home. On the way we didn't get to see any hairy-back men but we did see this fellow walking in flip flops, shorts, no shirt hot body and just a little bottle of water in his hand on the freeway...the traffic was super crawly. Sad for him, he probably pissed someone off and got kicked out of the car!
Home by 9pm.
Tonight is comedy night at the largo. Then I'm not going out till Friday! well, maybe david garza at largo on thursdy. hee hee hee. c'mon who's with me? you got my numba'!

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