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2:57 PM

music: rolling stones! "sticky fingers"
I've been on a stones kick for quite sometime now, mainly because my cd player in my jeep doesn't work right now and that's the only tape besides the pixies that i have in there.
The Sons and Kennedy were brilliant last night at the Silverlake Lounge. I've seen Kennedy many times before, It was just great to see them there because it reminded me of the old punk rock clubs i use to hang out in about 10 years ago. As soon as the Sons hit the stage, I had this overwhelming feeling like they were/are destined to become major ROCKSTARS! This was only my second time seeing these guys; the first was when they opened up for someone at spaceland many many months ago. They were so good that i forgot whom i went to see. I was just lucky to have arrived early enough to catch the first band, which were the Sons. The singer has as much energy and electricity as Kurt Cobain did back in the early Nirvana days.
I can't even begin to describe the excitement that I have about seeing The Sons with JET together this Saturday at Spaceland! Two bands that will be BIG, BIG, ...BIG!
Tonight I'm going to see Elefant at Spaceland. The write up on them, which describes them of having a David Bowie sound, made me want to go.
Let me just stress (as if I hadn't enough already) that if you have plans for Saturday night.... just brake 'em , cancel 'em etc....and come to Spaceland to see JET & THE SONS. On second thought, you just go on ahead to the movies or out to dinner...I hate big crowds anyway ;)
When I got home and into bed last night I saw lightning then heard the thunder. KweeLL! I love this weather. Actually it was raining on the way into the club last night. I love the smell of wet asphalt and the crisp cool air after a hard rain. I do miss Portland!
anyway.... "I was just sitting on my bed at 3 'O clock in the morning looking out my bedroom window watching the rain and wishing I had somebody there with me to play a song for me"...It was the perfect setting. Now if I'd only kept up with those piano, guitar lessions....

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