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3:29 PM

movie: mulholland dr. / i'm with lucy
i gotta say that i liked watching i'm with lucy much better than mulholland dr.
it was cute.why lucy didn't pick gael garcia bernal is beyond me. that guy is hott beyond words and the sex they had...c'mon!!
as for mulholland, maybe it's because it was a david lynch movie that i didn't quite understand it??! sorry. and the lesbian scene, was that really necessary? i have nothing against it , it's just that i don't think it was necessary. no wonder why the movie didn't do so well in the theatres...and only men are buying the dvd and watching it (over and over) at home! LOL.
I saw the Kills last night at the troubadour. they were fantastic beyond words. the sexual tension between the two of them on stage was so great that i almost had to look away cuz it seems so personal. the girl can move!!!! and he plays the guitar as if it were her!! you will just have to catch a show to know what i mean. they tend to sell out.
I went to my friends birthday party earlier in the day on saturday, it was so cool to see my old high school friends again. there were 4 of us, and we used to hang out and go to disneyland and concerts and we still keep in touch. :) I think we all look like we did pretty much in high school, except for one who is having her second baby in about 4 months time. yay! (no not me!!) *phew*
i worked out at ballys this morning, and yesterday....gonna try and keep this up! I feel much better and a little stronger.

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